ROBINLAND Reviews and Updates.

Hello Robinland members,

📅 Year 2022 has been very exciting and full of developments for Robinland.💥

🚀 Read the summary and highlights below and get ready for some special announcements soon, stay tuned with Robinland!


🚀 What is Robinland?

Robinland provides a new financing solution to the real estate industry by channeling liquidity from DeFi lenders. Robinland acts as a bridge between Trad-Fi and DeFi. Through tokenization, Robinland turns real estate backed assets into crypto tokens that can be used as collateral for devolopers to access liquidity from DeFi lenders. Learn more here. #Investing #RealEstate #DeFi #Lending #tokenization.

📢 @Robinlandio works within U.S regulations to bring DeFi mainstream. Want to read more? Check out the Twitter thread. 👀✨

🏘 “Digital assets are a wrapper, like a stock, but just a more efficient one” 🚀 Check out what @Robinlandio got to say here. @Robinlandio is making real estate debt backed assets available for the public. Curious to learn more? Check here. #Tokenization #RealEstate #cryptocurrency #investing

🚀 Really proud to say that @Robinlandio passed MakerDAO’s greenlight poll ( on Jan 24 for Robinland’s collateral onboarding application. We’re one of the only 2 projects that passed in the same batch, with double the fraction of ‘yes’ compared to the other application. Full details link here. 🛑

🔥 Announcement! On Jan. 24th @Robinlandio’s application for using our ‘RBL’ token as collateral passed the @Makerdao governance poll for RWA’s. Our ‘RBL’ tokens are backed by commercial real estate debt. We are bridging Trade-Fi & DeFi one step at a time! Full story on medium post here. #STO #securitytoken #tokenization #RealEstate🤩

📢 Have you heard again🤩? @Robinlandio passed @MakerDAO / @mkrgov ‘s community greenlight poll with for its MIP6 application for a revolving credit line to access Maker’s financing to fund developers to build a better physical world! Read more here. 🚀

o 🤔 FAQs about us... Check Out!!! 🔥 #DeFi #RealEstate #Tokenization #web3

· Q: How does Robinland bring assets on-chain? ANS HERE.

· Q: Where is Robinland organized? ANS HERE.

· Q: How are ‘RBL’ tokens used? ANS HERE.

· Q: What is a “RBL” token? ANS HERE.

More coming, stay locked!! 🔥🔥🔥

📣 📣 How you could help and contribute to ROBINLAND:

· 📣 Help us spread the word for Robinland, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together.

· 👉 Follow us on our social media channels:

· 📄 Twitter: @Robinlandio – turn on notifications bell, reply, tag friends and retweet!!!

· 🗣 Discord: 👉 Robinland discord - suggest, chat and connect with other members of the community and to engage real estate investors, developers and tech enthusiasts.

· ℹ Medium: 👉 medium, keep yourself informed and update about everything that’s going on in our community.

· linkedIn🗣 link here.

· ❗Check out the website here.

· 💥 Feel free to share any ideas or to ask any questions on our different channels.


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