February Community Reviews!!!

Hello Hubble members,

📅Marching forward!! February as being good so far and more exciting news coming this month of march💥

🚀 Read the summary and highlights of month February below and get ready for some special announcements soon in the road-map, stay woke!

Key HIGHLIGHTS Jan/Feb 2022.

· 📢 🤩 Thanks @MarinadeFinance for having us in the 1st Partner #AMA of many! Looking forward to progressing liquidity and #decentralization with you on @solana Insights on #stablecoins in #DeFi, and how Hubble compares to borrowing protocols on #Ethereum & #Solana Read more on the Twitter thread here 🥳 and recap here🛰.

🛰Check out this step-by-step walkthrough from @RoundtableDAO on how to use Hubble Protocol, 🚀 watch the youtube video!.

🛰 Great work! Thanks to @a41_Ventures for the Korean writeup on Hubble Protocol! For the Korean member check it out here감사 해요.

🚀 We are excited to officially announce our epic roadmap! Spare some thoughts for our devs who have a lot of glass to chew. Let us know what you think. See here for full detatils.

· We're on fire as always 🔥 ! Three more features shipped 🚢:

* APR instead of APY with calculation tooltip

* Tutorial restart button

* Price fetching performance improvements

What else?

New website released with a lot of quality of life improvements:

* Fewer transaction approvals

* APY for staking HBB (currently 4 digits!)

* Single button for Harvesting stability gains (much demanded request)

* Quicker dashboard page loading

* Improved warnings about Recovery Mode and low LTV loans

Upcoming features:

* mobile friendly version

* website redesign

* more stats (timeseries)

First week of Hubble being live and it has been super exciting with over 30mil TVL 🔥! but we are just getting started.

We are encouraging you to use loans on Hubble and be able to repay seamlessly. The fact is, the amount of exchange liquidity for USDH needs to grow and reach a balance with the USDH available to the Stability Pool.

Over the next few days we will start calibrating our rewards between the two pools.

🚀 On 7th of Feb at 8 pm UTC the Saber pool of USDH-USDC went live with 1500 HBB rewards per day (on top of the existing SBR rewards) 🚀.

Please head over to: Saber pool and usdh-cash pool

Add liquidity and then click on "Farm" which will take you to Quarry to deposit the LP tokens to earn rewards. More details here.🔥

· 📢, 🌅 Supercharging liquidity🕸️ @everyone please always monitor your LTV and ensure you are within safe limits. System LTV is around 61% now, at 66% Recovery mode kicks in, know more about it our gitbook.

· 💥!Yaaay! Hey folks, another day another dollar! Our stats page is now live✨ 🔗 So you can visit our website to get detailed information for your questions such as TVL, Deposited Collateral, HBB Staked, Revenue, Borrowed Amount.

Notes from Hubble’s first fireside chat, Updates from Marius and a Q&A with @kucoincom. See here for recap on the #AMAs.

🗣 Looking for good news, Check out the new solUST-USDH pool on Saber, live + ready for deposits now! All part of the plan for solUST integration coming to Hubble, posted on Twitter.

📣 Thanks @solscanofficial for the feature, we are proud to be part of such an exciting ecosystem! Our new roadmap launched yesterday and we are feeling extremely positive about the future! 🛰 Read more here.🔥

· 🛑➡ Very excited to be working with @Crema_Finance 🤝Future of DeFi looking brighter every day! Twitter post here.

· 📣 Did you know $USDH has zero exposure to fiat or fiat-collateralized tokens? True DeFi, for the people. Fully backed by censorship-resistant crypto assets.

100% crypto ✅

100% decentralized ✅

100% chain verified ✅

Start borrowing interest-free now on 🔥🛰 see details here.

· 🔝 📣 some early days of feb, Hubble Protocol integrated Soteria, a @solana smart contract audit tool. Thanks, @aeyakovenko for the heads up! Want to read more, see here.

📣 📣 How you could help and contribute to HUBBLE PROTOCOL:

· 📣 Help us spread the word for Hubble, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together.

· 👉 Follow us on our social media channels:

· 📄 Twitter: @hubbleprotocol — turn on notifications bell, reply, tag friends and retweet!!!

· 🗣 Discord: discord — suggest, chat and connect with other members of the community.

· ℹ Telegram: @hubbleprotocol, keep yourself informed and update about everything that’s going on in our community.

· ❗Check out the website here.

· 💥 Feel free to share any ideas or to ask any questions on our different channels.🔥

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