2021 reviews and Community Updates

Hello SynchronyFi Fam,

📅 Year 2022 has been very exciting and couple milestones have been crushed.💥

🚀 Read the summary and highlights of 2021 below and get ready for some special announcements soon, stay locked!

Key HIGHLIGHTS 2021- 2022.

· 📢 🥳 🛰🤩We are so proud to announce our lead investor @SanctorCapital. Sanctor has supported us from project conception to the graduation of the first cohort of Sanctor's Incubator, check out Coinbase post 🥳

🚀 WELL DONE TEAM!!!. "Synchrony has raised $4.2 million in a strategic funding round to build an on-chain asset management protocol on Solana. cryptobriefing post and theblockcrypto post

· @SerFrae was on a panel with @aeyakovenko discussing bridging gap btw TradFi & #DeFi on #Solana 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 Take a youtube watch here.

· 📢, 🌅 Solana is🕸️ the future of Web3🏦 fam, this is from demo 5 minute explainer on how we harness the power of @Solana For #CopyTrading & #Indices to advance #DeFi, youtube video here

· 💥!have ya'll seen this interview of @SynchronyFi's co-founder @ayekeh on @KafayatObanigba's YT Channel!?, youtube video here.

· 🛑➡️ Synchrony $SCY has announced a partnership with Dopamine $DOP @SynchronyFi has partnered with @ myDopamineApp which aims to provide decentralized finance for everybody, everywhere as the end-to-end user-centered crypto mobile app!.Check out the Twitter post here.

· 📣 another interview up w/ @scy_masterblaster 😏, youtube video here, another awesome interview even though it is from a Turkish YT Channel (a very cool one!) the whole interview is in English,Please check it out if you want to hear an awesome conversation all about Synchrony, our plans, and mission and vision for the future!, youtube video here.

· @everyone $SCY Synchrony is a state of the art decentralized asset management platform utilizing a sophisticated suite of analytics and machine learning algorithms is listed, trading live on @MEXC_Global, gateio, Raydium dex and RaydiumProtocol fusion pool.

· Native #Staking Program on the #Synchrony dApp by the end of the month (01/2022) eyes UX/UI Updates for the wallet functionality pre alpha ocean Token stream #beta test upcoming in next 2 weeks with ltd community access to the #API frog @Wednesdays_NFT utility implementation testing will continue for a Feb launch, check here. Community airdrop, Full details here.

· Metaverse Summit January 22 Meetup will invite six Metaverse-related project founders, builders and investors for a fireside chat, Mohammed El Amine IDMOUSSI, core team, Synchrony was present, check out details here.

· 🔝 📣 🔝Update, Please have a read through the below articles to know the ins and out of Synchrony Finance🚀👩‍🚀

· what-is-on-chain-copy-trading?

· synchrony-on-chain-copy-trading-features

· synchrony-index-strategies

· synchrony-aggregation-analytics-features

📣 📣 How you could help and contribute to Synchrony Finance:

· 📣 Help us spread the word for Synchrony, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together.

· 👉 Follow us on our social media channels:

· 📄 Twitter: @synchronyFi – turn on notifications bell, reply, tag friends and retweet!!!

· 🗣 Discord: discord - suggest, chat and connect with other members of the community.

· ℹ Telegram: @SynchronyFi, keep yourself informed @synchronyannouncement and update about everything that’s going on in our community.

· ❗Check out the website here.

· 💥 Feel free to share any ideas or to ask any questions on our different channels.


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